Councilman Wants Bangor Mayor Back 

A Bangor councilman thinks the city should consider having an elected mayor.Right now, Bangor has no official mayor. The council chair holds that honorary title.It’s been that way since the 1930’s.Councilor Charlie Longo thinks Bangor might be better served by a part-time mayor, who can be an activist for the city at the state and national levels.Longo has formally requested a discussion on the issue.Cary Weston is the current council chair, and nominally, Bangor’s mayor.He and Longo have not seen eye-to-eye on some matters.”Councilor Weston and myself, we’re perfectly fine and we’re doing the people’s work and we laugh all the time at our meeting,” says Long. “So, it’s not a personal attack, that was a human moment and this has nothing to do with that.”Susan Hawes chairs the council’s Government Operations Committee. She tells TV 5 news that Councilman Longo’s request will be put on a future agenda.Because it would be a change to the city’s charter, voters would make any final decision on whether or not Bangor should have an elected mayor.