Fire Officials Remind Motorists the Importance of Pulling Over for Emergency Vehicles 

When the report of a fire or accident comes in it’s important for crews to be able to respond as quick as possible.But officials say that isn’t always easy because not all drivers are courteous to them.The law requires vehicles to pull off to the side of the road and out of the way when ambulances, police or fire trucks come in their view with lights and sirens on.Fire officials say it’s frustrating for them when they get held up, especially when time is of the essence.”I’ve had several of my people come back from calls and complain that somebody wouldn’t get out of their way or somebody wouldn’t pull over or things like that and that’s a big stress that you’re putting on public safety personnel that are already heading to do a stressful job,” said Bradford Fire Chief, Scott DeMoranville.If a motorist is caught not pulling over for emergency vehicles, they face a minimum $250 fine.