Re-enactment of Ice Harvesting in Orrington 

Folks could witness a re-enactment of ice cutting at the Curran Homestead Museum in Orrington.They say it’s important for the younger generation to see what it was like a hundred years ago and the advantages of modern technology.Ice used to be the state’s second largest export and a valuable source of income for rural people in the off seasons.Museum members say people would store their dairy products in ice houses to last through the winter.”So they would run the scoring plow perpendicular to each other and then they would use every other line and that would give them a cake that was 22 X 44. Once the ice was pulled from the water they would store it with layers of sawdust in between so the ice cakes didn’t stick together,” said Museum Director, Bruce Bowden.What they cut out for ice today will be on display for the rest of the winter. They are currently trying to reconfigure an ice house and eventually hope to store the ice there during the winter.