Camden Snow Bowl Set For Toboggan Championship 

Thousands of people from all over the world will descend on Camden this weekend for the 22nd annual U.S. Toboggan Championships. As always they’ll have all sorts of food and they’ll be folks tailgating on the ice during the event. Last year it raised around $60,000 for the Camden Snow Bowl.Organizers call it a fundraiser, but for the thousands who will be in attendance, it’s an event unlike any they’ll see all year. “It’s just a real fun event for everyone,” says Holly Edwards, Toboggan Committee Member. “There’s lots of stuff to do. We have a mechanical bull this year for he first year.”Saturday, more than 400 teams will travel upwards of 40 miles per hour down this wooden toboggan chute all vying for the title of national champion. “It’s a real heated competition over the weekend,” Edwards said. It’s a competition known for it’s eccentric and clever team names. “The Grateful Sled,” says competitor Carlie Cloyd proudly announcing her team’s name, “so look for the tie dye tomorrow and the music.”They’ll also hand out a trophy is handed out for the best costume. “We’ll get crash test dummies with actual crash test dummy costumes,” Edwards said, “I think there’s a team called the sled presidents. So I would imagine we’ll get some presidential faces on that team.”All this fun is free, but parking costs $5.00 dollars. There’s also a shuttle service to and from downtown camden running all day.