Bangor Chosen as Finish Line for Fireball Run Adventurally Road Race 

A nationwide race to recover missing children is putting Bangor on the map. The Fireball Run Adventurally announced at a press conference on Friday that it has chosen Bangor as the finish line city for its Northern Exposure race this fall. The 8-day, 15-city rally is described as a scavenger hunt on wheels. “It’s mission-based where they have to find certain things in order to get their clue to move on to the next location,” described David Hickman, Executive Vice-President of Marketing for Fireball Run Adventurally.It’s a team competition and Maine will have one of its own. Timber Tina Scheer of the Maine Lumberjack Show and the Director of the Maine Office of Tourism, Carolann Ouellette, will be competing in the rally. They say they’re excited to travel around the country networking with others and telling them all about Maine.”We’re like ambassadors, it’s really cool. We’re going to get to highlight a lot about where we are here,” said Ouellette.Along the way, they’ll also be spreading awareness about missing children. Each team is assigned a child from their area. During the race, they’ll travel in a vehicle marked with the missing child’s information and will distribute missing child posters everywhere they go. “The Race to Recover Missing Children is the largest active recovery effort in the country. We have recovered 38 children as a result of our rally efforts,” said Hickman.Bangor was chosen to be a part of it all after the Fireball Run staff took a tour of the city. “We worked hard to really showcase our community for the best that we are. We all love the community, I think it’s a great place to live, to raise a family and to recreate,” said Kerrie Tripp, Executive Director of the Greater Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau.The race will be streaming live online giving Bangor exposure to everyone who watches the Fireball Run Adventurally teams cross the finish line on September 29.