Winterport Teen Honored for Saving Her Brother from a Fire 

At first glance Allyson Mitchell looks like your average teenager, but what she did two years ago is pretty extraordinary.” I saw my brother in there and I just did the big sister thing and took him out and shut the door behind him, had everyone stand in the house. I called 911 and my mom,” said Youth Hero Award Recipient, Allyson Mitchell.In March 2010 Allyson’s brother was with a group of children playing outside. A fire was started in a fire pit and the flames spread and ignited a gas can.” It was really pretty amazing to me that she stayed so cool and being the oldest of 4 kids I think there’s a lot of opportunities to grow and develop,” said Allyson’s mother, Heather Mitchell-Relyea.The Winterport American Legion decided to award Allyson with their Youth Hero Award, which they say honors those who go above and beyond.” So many times we hear of all the bad things that are happening with the youth and I think it’s very important that we honor these young people that have gone beyond,” said Winterport American Legion President, Nancy Ronco.Allyson didn’t know about the honor. She was told she would be recognizing one of her coaches.” I love the fact that we could just pull this off and these guys were so awesome to put this together for her and I just love the fact that she had no clue,” said Mitchell-Relyea.Allyson still thinks she did what anyone else would do.” I really hope people would do the same thing if they were in the situation, not just freak out. Stay calm and do what’s best for them and everybody else around them,” said Mitchell.