Take This Job & Love It: Dandy Diaper Service 

If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at [email protected] this month’s “Take This Job & Love It” Chelsey Anderson tried her hand at baby diapering, and it’s something she’s going to want to get used to. Love it or not.Chelsey: “That’s right. In the next couple weeks my husband and I will be welcoming our first child. I thought it was a good idea to accept the job opportunity at Dandy Diaper Service in Southwest Harbor before my due date.”————-Liz- “We’re going to start with some brand new diapers to get them prepped up.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Liz- “These need to be washed about 3 times before they can actually get to a customer.”Liz- “I have a diaper cycle and a super diaper cycle.”Liz- Everything is all set and in about 38 minutes we’ll have clean diapers.”Liz-“Alright. So next we’ve got 2 new babies. So we’ll start packing up some diapers for them.”Liz- “We have a little baby girl that was just born a couple weeks ago and she’s ready for her first official delivery. So what we need, we’re going to have to count out 90 of these.”Chelsey- “That’s a lot of diapers!” Liz- “Yeah.” Chelsey- “Is that a week?” Liz- “This is a week, yeah. Newborns, really it’s about 12 diapers a day is the average.” Chelsey- “so this is what I have to look forward to.” Liz- “This is exactly what you’ll be doing, yes!” (laughter)While I counted out diapers, Liz got our color coordinated bag ready. I loaded it and she grabbed some other diapering products.Liz- “She wants 36 wipes too.”Liz- “And these are doublers. They’ll get 7 of these. They just add another level of absorbency.”Liz- “And that it. Baby’s good to go.”The wash was finished.Liz- “So these are all clean.”Liz- “This is a little bit tight for 2 people or 2 1/2 people.” (laughter)Chelsey- “Did I get them all?” Liz- “I think you did. I always feel around. Yep. All done.”We moved the washed diapers to the dryer, and Liz gave the lint screen a good once over.Liz- “Another use for a snow brush in Maine.”Then we started it up.While we waited we set up a newborn baby boy with his diaper bag, and then it was time to unload the dryer.Liz- “These are all set to be folded up and stacked. Let’s pull them out.”Liz- “Feel how soft they are?” Chelsey- “Yeah. They’re puffy!”We brought the load out to the folding table.Liz- “Just lay them out flat. There’s really nothing fancy. I just do a quick check for stains and any rips or tears.” Chelsey- “Okay.”If you are wondering how clean these diapers are, Liz has it down to a science with pH testing.Liz- “I have a little test kit in the other room. On a wet diaper you just put a sample, look for color change, and measure from there.”Liz- “Everyone gets back the same diapers that they have. Like I have about 180 diapers per person in rotation.”With a baby on the way, I was hoping more than usual to be hired at my job.Liz- “Oh Chelsey. When can you start? Because you did a fabulous job. You counted right. You sorted through things. You did great. Definitely would hire you.” Chelsey- “Thank you so much! Guess that’s good news!” Liz- “Yes it is. It is.” ——————–In case you are wondering, Liz is available 24/7 if you run out of diapers.To learn more about Dandy Diaper Service visit: