Orono Resident Calling for Town to Withdraw from RSU 26 

A longtime Orono resident wants the town to withdraw from RSU 26.Dan Lapointe presented paperwork to the Town Clerk last week to bring a bid for withdrawal before voters.It was signed by seven residents in hopes of putting together a committee.Lapointe calls RSU 26 a “vicious corporate takeover” and says its 2-million dollar budget shortfall is shameful to the Orono community.He says it’s not putting the students first.Three hundred thirty signatures are needed to put it to a vote.David Connerty-Marin with the Department of Education says while communities can withdraw from RSU 26, it doesn’t mean the r-s-u will go away.”In the event that two of the three were to approve final withdrawal, it would leave one community and that community would be the RSU. It can’t withdraw from itself,” he said.Glenburn and Veazie, the other communities that make up RSU 26, have also taken action to withdraw.Wednesday night the school board meets in the Glenburn school cafeteria.