I Love My Pet February 6, 2012 

Take a look at this week’s I Love My Pet segment.Do you want to feature your pet on our station?To do so: Just send us a picture. E-mail it to WABI at [email protected] Please put “Attention I Love My Pet” in the subject line.Or slip it in the mail. send to WABI TV5, Attention I Love My Pet, 35 Hildreth Street, Bangor 04401. If you’d like your picture back, include a self addressed, stamped envelope.You’ll want to make sure you include your name, your pet’s name and why they are so special. Also a number we can reach you at, so we can tell you when your pet will be featured on I Love My Pet on TV5 News at Noon.Kennebec Valley Humane Society Feature Pet: Meet Haas. She is a 7-year old, spayed female who is up to date on routine vaccinations. She’s looking for a home that will suit her nature. She’s not a very snuggly dog although she does love to play ball with people! She doesn’t love hugs and won’t be a lap dog but she will be a faithful and loving companion for the right person. Children make her nervous and she would do much better in an adult only home with no other pets. New people make her a little nervous but once she gets to know you she will be the of best friends! Being up in the front dog room makes her very nervous so please be sure to ask to meet her since I will be out back!!During cold weather, be sure to clean your pets’ paws for sand and road salt before they start licking it off. Different mixtures could be dangerous for your pet. In addition, outdoor cats sometimes sleep under the hoods of cars during cold weather. When the motor is started, the cat can be injured or killed by the fan belt. Before starting the engine bang loudly on the car hood.For More Information about Haas:Kennebec Valley Humane Society626-3491 or go