Free Dental Clinic in Bangor Creates Smiles 

A free dental clinic Bangor brought smiles to the faces of a lot of young patients Friday. The clinic was part of the national “Give Kids A Smile” day.The students and staff at UMA Bangor teamed up with local dentists to care to more than 40 patients. They did everything from cleanings to fillings to even pulling a few teeth. Parents tells us the clinic was a big benefit for their kids, as well as for their wallets.Steve Keib from Glenburn says, “These people are fantastic. They’re very friendly, they’re kind. The kids actually go away with a smile and I think that’s what they wanted to provide for each family that came and took part in this.”Diane Blanchette, Dental Health Programs’ Coordinator, says “This is exactly what I wanted it to be. This helps everybody. Our students needed to see children, our children needed to see dentists and the dentists were good enough to volunteer their Fridays.”Seven local dentists helped out for the event.Organizers say they plan to put on another free clinic like this one, next year.