Forget Punxsutawney Phil, Retirement Community Calls Upon Dirigo Dug for the Forecast 

Pennsylvania may rely on Punxsutawney Phil to forecast whether winter will continue for six more weeks, but in Orono, the Dirigo Pines Retirement Community turns to Dirigo Dug.Every year, residents of Dirigo Pines come together to wait for dug to emerge from his tent.The ceremony features a Mayor and news coverage.This year, Dug says he didn’t see a thing, predicting an early spring.”Winter is a terrible time and we don’t want people to focus on that, folks here enjoy the life that we have here and it’s just fun, anything we can do to create a little stir and some fun is what we’re all about,” said Juanita Taylor, the Activity Director at Dirigo Pines.Dirigo Dug says he’s a Mainer and another thing that makes him different from Punxatawney Phil are his dance moves.