Carrabec High School Gets A V.I.P. Visit 

A senior official from the U.S. Secretary of Education spent the day at Carrabec High School.Jo Anderson was in North Anson to get a first-hand look at how the school was benefiting from federal grant money.Carrabec High was among six schools in Maine to get school improvement grant funds in 2009. The federal education department gave the school more than $700,000. Anderson said he was impressed with what he saw Wednesday. “Some remarkable things happen,” Anderson said after touring the school. “It’s only a year and a half in. It’s too soon to see long term impact on student achievement you would think but we’re already starting to see that. We’re starting to see that at Carrabec. I was at a couple elementary schools in Portland yesterday and they’re seeing some significant gains.”The grant money given to Carrabec High has been used in part to bolster math programs.The school now offers more challenging math courses, which better preps students for standardized testing.During a school assembly anderson was presented with a Carrabec High School sweatshirt.