Gym Members Keep Up With New Years Resolutions 

A long round of cardio could test just about anyone’s resolve, and yet, Billie Doody, manages to do it five days a week.”Got to get a little bit healthy, actually a lot healthy. Got a friend’s wedding coming up in August, got to look good for that because I’m in the wedding,” said Doody.She’s made it her New Years resolution to get in shape. It’s a goal her gym, Union Street Athletics, is used to.”The first of the year everyone is focused, excited, ready to go. So, it usually is very busy,” said gym owner, Sherry Haller.This time of year, they see a surge in customers, but the trick is keeping them.”We try to find that little hot button that’s going to excite somebody, and something that they’re going to find fun and enjoyable,” said Haller.The gym offers group fitness classes to help members stay on track, but for some 2012 newcomers, setting personal goals is more fitting.”I have one pair of jeans that I want to get into, have it hanging in my closet. I look at it everyday, and I’m like if you want to get into those, you got to go to the gym.”And a month into the New Year, it would seem that Doody’s resolve hasn’t tired yet.