College Students Get Free Guide to Filling Out FAFSA Form

Updated 3 years ago

Getting into the college of their choice is only half the battle for many students, who then have to figure out how to pay for it. The process is getting a little easier, though, with the help of financial experts all around the state. Staff members from the Finance Authority of Maine offered free workshops Sunday to help families fill out the FAFSA form, which is the federal student aid application.Fifteen sites were open throughout the state as part of College Goal Sunday, an event aimed at making sure college bound students get the help they need. “We actually have financial aid professionals here and experts available to give you free help, and we actually will not leave today until every single FAFSA is completed,” said Mary Dyer, a specialist with Finance Authority of Maine.If you didn’t make it to any of Sunday’s events, Dyer said more workshops are coming up.For a full schedule, visit Your text to link…