New Coalition Aims to Fight for Maine Workers’ Rights 

Fighting even better for Maine workers’ rights is the reason behind the formation of a new coalition in Maine. More than thirty organizations have come together to form the Working Families Coalition.The organizations were often fighting for the same issues and believed they’d be stronger if they worked together.”Our common goal is to make sure that working families are well represented in the state house, that their interests, that their concerns are heard so we do spend a lot of time in the Labor, Commerce, Research, and Economic Development Committee weighing in on different proposals that are presented before that committee,” said Laura Harper, Co-Chair of The Working Families Coalition and Director of Public Policy for the Maine Women’s Lobby.On Friday, the coalition attended a hearing on LD 1725, a bill aimed at strengthening unemployment insurance laws and reducing unemployment fraud.They oppose the bill saying it will put unemployed workers at a disadvantage and make it harder for them to get their benefits.