Augusta Man Pleads Guilty To Murder, Will Serve 45 Years 

An Augusta man is going to jail for 45 years for killing another man more than year ago.31-year-old Peter Bathgate pleaded guilty on Friday in Kennebec County Superior Court to murdering 47-year-old Paul Allen, whose body was found in December 2010 along a road in Hallowell.A state police affadavit says Allen had been stabbed and a broken cane was found near his body. Authorities say Allen was run over with his own truck after the attack.The affadavit quotes Bathgate as saying he went into a rage after seeing Allen flirting with his girlfriend.Bathgate’s lawyer and the prosecution say they reached a plea agreement after bathgate admitted to the crime.”He admitted his involvement in having caused the death of Mr. Allen, including fairly unpleasant details of the ways in which he did. He withdrew his motion to suppress in this case and he has come in in a timely way and entered a plea of guilty,” said Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson.”I sort of bundle remorse into a plea that he didn’t want to draw this out and force the family through a trial and that’s his way of saying, ‘I’m sorry and let’s just move on and I will take my punishment,'” said Kevin Sullivan, Bathgate’s attorney.In addition to his 45-year sentence, Bathgate will pay Allen’s family restitution.