College Goal Sunday Helps Students with FAFSA 

Education can be expensive. Whether it’s a four-year college or a one-year certificate program there is financial help available. This weekend you can get help with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Life after high school is on the minds of many students at United Technologies Center in Bangor. ” They’re so skilled, they’re so talented, now get to the next level,” said Fred Woodman, director of UTC. What kids might not think about, is how they’re going to pay for it. ” That FAFSA application is really the primary form that students need to complete in order to get money for college,” said Mary Dyer, financial education specialist for Finance Authority of Maine. Each year, lots of students don’t fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. One reason may be that students don’t realize it’s not just for four-year schools. ” Students who are planning to attend a one-year certificate program or a two-year school, it’s as important that they complete the FAFSA so they can get access to as much financial aid as possible,” said Dyer. Financial aid might help more student continue their education.” Maine’s workforce needs to grow and we need highly skilled, highly trained people,” said Woodman. On Sunday, parents and students can get help with financial aid. ” We’re actually not gonna leave until everybody has their FAFSA completed and submitted,” said Dyer. The free event is taking place across the state. You can find a College Goal Sunday location by clicking here.