Occupy Bangor Joins National Movement Calling to Overturn Citizen’s United Ruling 

Occupy Bangor joined other groups throughout the country Friday protesting a Supreme Court ruling that allows unlimited corporate contributions to political ads.Protestors held a rally in Bangor calling for the Citizen’s United decision to be overturned.The Supreme Court ruling two years ago allows corporations and people to spend as much as they want on political ads. The court also ruled that corporations do not have to disclose how much they give or where the funds come from.Protestors say the ruling is the death of democracy.”We may not appeal Citizen’s United right away but what we do accomplish immediately through this is people coming together to change their laws to make the changes and make democracy real,” says protestor Rob Shetterly.A recently released Pew Research Poll of more than one thousand registered voters shows more than half didn’t know what Citizen’s United was.But 65 percent of voters aware of the ruling say they see it as a negative impact on political campaigns.