Maine Girls Have Chance To Hang Out With An Olympian This Summer 

Kids in Maine will have the opportunity to spend time learning from an olympian this summer.Olympian Julia Clukey brought smiles to the faces of some young girls at the Manchester Elementary School Wednesday. Vlukey announced she’s partnering with the Kennebec Valley YMCA and the Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association to host a 10-day camp this summer. “My idea was to have one day with them and now I’m going to have 10 days with these group of girls,” Clukey said Wednesday.The camp runs from June 20th through June 30th and it’s for young girls ages 8-11. Clukey will work to help the girls develop self confidence and have some fun. “Focus on healthy, happy lifestyles and not being afraid to go after a dream or go after something you really love to do even if it might be out of the norm,” she said. “I’m a luge athlete. There’s not too many people I stuck out for a long time. Really find a passion to try to live in their life.”Mark Yerrick is the Executive Director of the Kennebec Valley YMCA and he’s excited about the camp. “We’re doing everything from kayaking, swimming, arts and crafts, field games,” he said. “We’re going to have some music there and potentially some artists.”The Maine Beer and Wine Distributors Association handed out eight camp scholarships to elementary schools in Manchester, Mt. Vernon, Wayne, and Readfield.They’re hoping to have 90 girls at the camp. For more information on Julia Clukey’s Camp For Girls and to download a brochure you can go to the website: