New Business in Brewer Provides Place for Kids of All Ages to Play 

Folks in Brewer have a new place to go on an adventure. Playland Adventures opened two weeks ago. It’s filled with places to bounce, run, and slide.”They’ll be able to go in our bounce houses. We have a 75-foot obstacle course and a giant slide,” said Playland Adventures’ owner Tina Bouchard.Those elements make up what’s called “The Bounce Zone,” but there’s a lot to explore beyond that.”Airborne Adventure behind us is where they get lifted up in the air in a little seat and we have a wrecking ball where you try to knock your opponent off their pedestal with a giant wrecking ball. We have a jousting area with jumbo boxing gloves where people can do jousting. We have human bowling and a giant hamster ball,” described Bouchard.Bouchard has four kids of her own. She recognized a need for families to have more options.All ages are welcome at Playland Adventures, not just the little ones. “We’ve had a lot of happy, little children running around and we’ve had teenagers really glad that there’s finally somewhere to go, something to do and adults have even enjoyed being in there and getting to bounce,” said Bouchard.Playland Adventures is equipped to host birthday parties and even office parties, giving the very young and the young at heart a place to play.