Businesses Welcome Bitter Cold Weather 

It’s pretty hard to find people who actually like these bitter cold temperatures.But Joy Hollowell did.She shows us why a decrease in temperatures means an increase in customers for some local companies.=====This is the busy season for Union Street Towing in Bangor.”Cold weather is good business for us,” says owner Butch Foss.When the temperatures take a dip, folks start dialing up.”People don’t always take care of their cars until the weather goes down below 0 or around 0,” says Foss. “A couple days of that and it shows up for the people that haven’t really done all of the maintenance that they should have.””Well, I come out to start my car cause I have to go for cancer treatment,” says Alma Hogenhaut, a Bangor resident. “And it wouldn’t start. It was too cold. Just called Triple A and they come out.”Hogenhaut admits this isn’t the first time she’s had to call for help.”No, it’s happened 2 or 3 times,” she says. “I think I need a new battery, but you know, financially, the cold weather’s beat me.”TBA IN Bangor also profits from plunging thermometers.”Today has been a huge amount of phone calls,” says owner Al Belanger. “Lots of batteries today, some tires but more batteries than anything.”Belanger says tires typically lose about a pound and a half of pressure each week in cold weather. He also advises folks to keep on top of their wind shied wiper fluid, and belts. A T-V 5 viewer told us a synthetic blend of oil works better for him in the winter, since it coats the inside of the engine rather than dripping down.And, remember the hot weather we had this past summer? Seems like an eternity ago, right?. Well, Belganger says that’s partly to blame for all these dead car batteries.”if we have a hot summer like we did last year, the heat really has a big effect on batteries,” explains Belanger. “So then when it comes to the first cold snap, it will finish the batteries off.”++++