Members of the Pro-Life Movement Rally in Augusta 

Pro-life supporters packed an auditorium in Augusta on Saturday. They were brought together by the Maine Right to Life Committee for the Hands Around the Capitol rally. Each year the rally recognizes the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case, which was decided on January 22, 1973.”For 39 years now, our country has faced the horrible, horrible tragedy of abortion,” said Janet LeBlanc, Vice President of the Maine Right to Life Committee.Folks at the rally heard from leaders in the pro-life movement and legislators who support their cause. The gym at St. Michael’s church was full.”It’s an indication of what the polls are starting to tell us, that more and more people respect life at the moment of conception,” said LeBlanc.In the audience was Governor Paul LePage. He came to the event as a supporter of the movement.”It’s really, really important that we all get together and care about life,” said LePage.”It’s very important to come out each year to show that people do care about this issue. It’s been a long time and in those years, it’s easy to become complacent, for society to become accepting, to think it’s normal, but abortion is not normal and it was a mistake of the Supreme Court, a tragedy that needs to be corrected,” said Christopher Coughlan of the Maine Right to Life Committee.Following the rally, those in the audience marched from the church to the state house. Once they arrived, they created a circle around the building. Then, they rang the capitol bell 39 times.”39 times for the 39 years, representing the tragedy of abortion. It’s like a mourning, symbolizing the mourning of all of the loss of life that has happened the past 39 years,” said LeBlanc.It’s clear that 39 years later, this issue remains controversial, no matter what side you’re on.We spoke with Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine Shenna Bellows. She said in a statement, “The constitution protects both the anti abortion protestors and women everywhere to make their own choices about healthcare including abortion.”