Snow Means Business for Local Ski Mountain 

You’d think they’d be used to it by now, but, turns out, for some nothing gets old about the sights and sounds of winter in Maine.”I got pretty excited. I was hoping for a snow day and we got it,” said student, Kaleb Forsman.A little fresh powder meant quite a bit to him, as well as the skiers and boarders at Hermon Mountain.”Looks fantastic, very fantastic,” said boarder, Paul Baker. It’s a feeling that was shared by the mountain’s owner, Bill Whitcomb, who has been making more snow than money this winter. “People just weren’t coming here. We’ve probably been averaging fifty people and it should be a couple hundred.”But around noon, Hermon Mountain saw the inches start to pile up and the customers trickle in.”I don’t even know if I believe it yet. It’s been so long coming, but it’s you know what everyone’s been waiting for it. This will get people excited and that’ll help pay some bills,” said Whitcomb.And perhaps make for a winter business that no one gets tired of.