Waterfront Concert Series Gears Up for Third Season, Offers Insider Pass 

The Waterfront Concert Series is gearing up for the upcoming third season of concerts at the Waterfront Pavilion.This year, insider passes will once again be offered.For $149, the insider pass will give you easy access to the venue for each event, presale access codes where you can purchase tickets for yourself and others before the public, and exclusive information.The pass is transferable so you can share the special treatment with family and friends.Concert tickets must be purchased separately.The group’s President, Alex Gray, says the benefits are worth the steep price tag.”You can buy up to eight tickets in most shows. Some shows will have a four curb, you can bring four people in that express lane with you, so if you look at it on a per show basis we know a large percentage of our fans come to more than one show, on average they come to about 5 shows so if you look at it on a per show basis it adds about 5 to 10 dollars when all is said and done,” he said.Gray says there are five confirmed shows already for the summer concert series.While he won’t reveal who’s performing just yet, he says he hopes this year will be better than last.You can expect announcements soon.