Dog Owners Encouraged to Train their Pets 

A lot of animals are adopted during the winter holidays and one of the first things owners need to do, is get the pets trained. A Bangor kennel shop is helping out. If you see them running around, you might think Kate and Cinder have been together for a while, but the truth is, they’re still getting to know eachother. ” She’s had Cinder about four months. Cinder’s really already doing really well with this,” said Don Hanson, co-owner of Green Acres Kennel Shop. Kate is training the hound, something Hanson says every dog owner should do. ” A well-trained dog is gonna be welcome to a lot of places. A dog that’s not so well-trained, that’s the dogs that most people would rather not see,” said Hanson. When training, first things first, get the dog to pay attention.” If we wanna train our dog any of these other things, like sitting down, we’ve got to get them to pay attention,” said Hanson.Cinder is catching on quickly, although having a coach with a pocket full of goodies makes things a little more rewarding. ” You and I work for dollars, dogs work for pieces of food,” said Hanson with a smile. January is National Train Your Dog Month. The goal is to keep dogs in loving homes. ” The biggest reasons dogs get surrendered to animal shelters is due to behavioral problems,” said Hanson. Green Acres is offering training courses throughout the month and there are websites available to help too. ” It’s gonna ensure that you and your dog have the best life together possible,” said Hanson. With a little bit of work and a whole lot of fun, your dog will be eating out of the palm of your hand, in no time. For more information on Green Acres Kennel Shop click here. To learn more National Train Your Dog Month, visit APDT or Train Your Dog Month.