Downtown Bangor DIY Store Teaches Beer Brewing 101 

Professor isn’t Zeth Lundy’s usual job title. But once a month it is.”We basically just offer a free beer brewing tutorial class,” said Lundy.Beer Brewing 101’s classroom is the Central Street Farmhouse in downtown Bangor. Lundy is the co-owner of the store that sells do it yourself products, including beer brewing kits.”I know when people get into this hobby it can be a little daunting maybe, but we sort of take all of the mystery out of it and show you how to do it and how to make good beer too,” said Lundy.Lundy walks his students through the process choosing a different beer to brew each month. He uses the ingredients and tools found in the stores beer brewing kits. Many who attend the class have recently purchased a kit and want to know how to get started.”I gave it to my husband, a beermaking kit for Christmas and he’s excited about that so we thought we’d come today and learn how to make beer,” said Rebecca Parent of Bangor.But even folks who have brewed before, like Steve Ruhl who came all the way from Lincoln, know there’s always more to learn.”I’m learning the fine craft of making great beer even better and I’m here to support a local business, it’s great that downtown Bangor is doing so well,” said Ruhl.While many stores in downtown Bangor offer personal attention, the Central Street Farmhouse hopes to offer education as well.”We’re a retail store but we also like to be a place where you can come and learn about all of the stuff that we do here,” said Lundy.Because it’s not just beer brewing that Professor Lundy teaches. His store also is home to classes in wine making, cheese making and more. They’re all free and open to anyone who wants to learn.To find out more about these classes, visit