Ayla’s Father: “”I’ll never give up and I’ll never lose hope until Ayla does get home.” 

It’s been three weeks since a Waterville toddler vanished from her home. “It’s a non-stop nightmare. Every day it gets harder,” Justin DiPietro said, talking about the days and weeks that have passed since his, now 21-month-old, daughter Ayla disappeared.Last month, his daughter disappeared from the Violette Avenue house that he shares with his mother. Leaving him with only memories of his little girl he called “A”. “She’s amazing. She’s very funny. Very outgoing. She dances around rooms, I mean she loves dancing.” Over the past few weeks, DiPietro has pleaded with whoever has Ayla to bring her home. Even though that has yet to happen, he says he hasn’t lost hope.With the help of a Texas non-profit group, Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children, DiPietro is putting together tee shirts, bracelets, posters, and more to make sure Ayla is not forgotten. “She is out there. And I don’t want for one second for my daughter to ever think that I wasn’t doing everything that I could to get her home.”DiPietro is well aware of the things that have been said about him and speculation about his possible involvement in Ayla’s disappearance, which he maintains he had nothing to do with. “As far as people’s opinions, I can’t sit here and dwell on anything right now,” he said. “I need to stay positive and get my daughter home. That’s what the main focus is, is getting my daughter home.”But he wouldn’t talk about what was going on in his house the night Ayla disappeared. He did say he has shared all of that information with the police. “I have shared my speculations and my thoughts with the right people which are the authorities. They’re doing everything they can,” DiPietro said. “They don’t have to care about me, they don’t have to care about you. They care about my daughter though. I know they do, and getting her home.”DiPietro says he’s committed to doing everything he can to make sure that happens. “If that means going up to Canada or Mexico, to Europe. I’ll go wherever I have to go to get her home and thats what’s important is getting her home.”For now, he plans to keep her picture in the public eye, and little Ayla in everyone’s thoughts and hearts, in hopes this little girl will soon be dancing around her living room once again.