Raye Will Challenge Michaud For 2nd District Congressional Seat 

Maine Senate President Kevin Raye announced Thursday he’ll once again challenge Democrat Mike Michaud for his congressional seat in Maine’s Second District. Raye said he filed the paperwork Thursday.Raye says Mainers have grown frustrated with Congress and that the country is headed in the wrong direction. “I think people are discouraged by the degree of hostility and bitterness in the process,” Raye said Thursday. “You know it’s a shame. You can have differences of opinion and you can have them in a respectful, civil way that encourages dialogue and working through problems. That’s not happening in Washington D.C. these days. So I want to try to change that.”This is the second time Raye will challenge Michaud. Back in 2002 the two went toe-to-toe in a race to replace then Congressman John Baldacci. In that contest Raye narrowly lost to Michaud 52% – 48%. That was Michaud’s narrowest margin of victory in any election. Baldacci went on to serve two terms as Maine’s Governor. Raye says he’s had the chance to gain some beneficial experience since then. “The last time I ran I had been an aide to Senator Snowe,” Raye said. “This time I still have that experience which was very valuable. I’ve also had four terms in the Maine Senate. I’ve been the minority leader now as President of the Senate.”Raye says he respects and likes Congressman Michaud, but there are some key areas where the two don’t see eye to eye. “I support the balanced budget amendment he voted against. I’m supportive of encouraging small business and trying to grow small business to create more jobs. We’re not seeing that in Washington right now,” he said. “Those are the key issues: Jobs, spending, and debt.”Raye and his wife own and operate a small business manufacturing mustard in Washington County.