Students Taking Plunge to Raise Money for the Ronald McDonald House 

Students at Washington County Community College are issuing a challenge and the rules are simple. ” Get a pledge sheet, go around the community, raise some money, then come and jump in the water,” said Jared Pina, vice president of the Student Senate at Washington County Community College. It’s more like a run into the water, the Atlantic Ocean to be exact, and it’s during one of the typically coldest times of the year in Maine. ” February 10th and noon,” said Pina. It’s the 12th Annual Polar Bear Dip. ” I think it’s a very cold experience to be honest,” said Timothy Plante, treasurer of Student Senate. ” They come out really surprised but they know they did it for a good cause so they’re still kind of hyper and freezing at the same time,” added Liz Gilman, secretary of the Student Senate. All the money raised goes to the Ronald McDonald House in Bangor. It’s a place for pediatric patients and their families to stay while being treated at local hospitals. The Ronald McDonald House relies solely on donations. It takes nearly $400,000 a year to keep the 14-bedroom house running. Money for the Polar Bear Dip is a huge help. ” It’s amazing to see how much people really get involved and make the effort,” said Pina. There’s big support in Washington County, but the students would love to see the participation grow throughout the state. ” Dream big and go for it. That’s what I was always taught. If you don’t try something you’re never gonna know what it’s like until you actually do it,” said Gilman. It’s open to anyone and everyone willing to brave the cold water for a good cause. The dip is Friday, February 10th at the Pleasant Point Reservation Pier. To get a pledge sheet, click here. To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House, click here.