Raymond Bellavance Jr. Found Guilty of Arson 

” Did you find the defendant guilty or not guilty of arson? Guilty.”Raymond Bellavance Junior remained expressionless as the jury read their verdict.” He’s stoic. You accept bad news and move on until the good news comes the next day,” said Bellavance’s attorney, Andrews Campbell. Prosecutors say Bellavance set fire to the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop in June 2009 because he was angry his former girlfriend was working there. ” No case is never a no-brainer. But it was a case we viewed from the beginning as a strong case because of the number of witnesses that came forward,” said Assistant District Attorney, Alan Kelley.The jury deliberated for nearly five hours.” Obviously we’re very gratified by the jury’s verdict. They were a very business-like and attentive jury through this long, difficult trial,” said Kelley. ” We’re disappointed. However, the jury was out a long time. We’ll be examining the court rulings. We are very seriously considering an appeal, although it’s premature to say whether or not that will be done or not,” said Campbell.Bellavance’s attorney, Andrews Campbell says they will be reviewing the evidence to find what the next best step will be.” All the grants of immunity in the middle of the trial are rather unusual,” said Campbell.The prosecution says it’s too soon to say rather they will recommend the full thirty year sentence. ” This is an arson of an occupied building. There were 7 people inside, including two young children. Mr. Bellavance has an extremely long criminal record and a record of violence. I think it’s fair to say we’ll ask for a substantial sentence,” said Kelley.Sentencing recommendations are scheduled for February.