Closing Arguments Begin in Bellavance Trial 

The closing arguments in the trial of Raymond Bellavance, Junior were heard Friday morning.He is charged with arson in connection with a fire at a topless coffee shop in Vassalboro.The state told jurors they needed to answer the question who by finding out why. They argue that it’s a combination of anger and jealousy. They tell how Raymond Bellavance, Jr. is volatile and is quick to act angry.The state says Bellavance has a motive and reason. They say he was angry his former girlfriend was working at the coffee shop.The state talked about the alibi Bellavance had to come up with, but insists there’s a problem. They say too many witnesses testified testified Bellavance either said he would burn the coffee shop down or told them he did burn the shop down.They also pointed out that Bellavance defined a rat as someone whose cooperating with the police and telling the truth.Two of the state’s witnesses are currently incarcerated. But the defense says these witnesses aren’t credible and many have been granted immunity and only have things to gain. They are also quick to point that much of the case relies on “jailhouse rats.”The defense says Bellavance is a fighter, not an arsonist.As soon as the verdict is returned we’ll have it for you.