Santa Encourages Residents to Pay it Forward this Christmas 

Over the past several years, Portland Secret Santa has donated $50,000 to Mainers in need.This year, they helped share some of that with people in Bangor.For holiday skeptic, Cher’ron Frye, the thought of Santa coming down a chimney never seemed plausible.”I’ve never believed in Santa before.”That is, until he strolled into Hands of Hope, where she works.”He’s handing out $100 bills and I’m thinking I’m looking for a miracle. I was very grateful and it truly blessed me.”Santa spent Thursday afternoon walking the aisles of the store, handing out envelopes of cash to customers and volunteers. “I didn’t know what to think about it,” said volunteer, Brittany Wood. The gift came with no strings attached. “We’re trying to help people have a little better Christmas than maybe they would otherwise,” said Santa Claus. But by making believers out of the few here, Saint Nick hopes to spread a spirit of generosity through the magic of Christmas.”We hope that it will encourage other people to help.”