Bangor Bakery Makes Christmas a Little Sweeter 

After all the Christmas shopping, you might be too wiped out to do the baking. For years, a Bangor bake shop has been helping with the sweet treats. No matter the holiday, it’s a must stop for a lot of people.” They make the best pies for Thanksgiving, the best cookies for Christmas,” said Marlene Susi, a customer of Frank’s Bakery.” Best bakery goods you can find in the state of Maine,” added Frank Weber, another customer. The crew at Frank’s Bakery in Bangor is busy elves this time of year.. ” Out back the 23rd is the craziest, out front the 24th is the craziest,” said Bernadette Gaspar, owner of Frank’s Bakery. From cutting cookies to filling pastries, these bake shop pros do it all. ” There’s just so many things I can’t even tell ya,” laughed Gaspar. For the customers, it’s the more the merrier. ” I came in to buy one pie and wound up buying three,” said Weber. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.” It’s just nice to see everyone happy and jolly,” said Gaspar. Making holidays a little sweeter for customers. Frank’s Bakery will be open until 5p.m. on Christmas Eve.