Update: Police Hold Press Conference Over Missing Waterville Toddler 

The search continues for a missing Waterville toddler who was reported missing Saturday morning.Law enforcement held a press conference Sunday afternoon.Twenty-month old Ayla Reynolds was last seen Friday evening around eight when her father, Justin DiPietro put her to bed.A search was underway immediately and continued into Sunday.” We got detectives out there and other folks out there who are canvassing the neighborhood and going over some of the search areas. In addition we called in the Warden Service to help us as they have the resources and expertise in search and rescue,” said Waterville Police Chief, Joseph Massey.Ayla is described as 2-feet, nine inches tall and weighs about thirty pounds.She has blonde hair and her left arm is in a sling.She was last seen wearing a green, one-piece pajama with white polk dots that said “Daddy’s Princess.”Authorities say both DiPietro and the mother, Trista Reynolds have been interviewed, along with other family members.” All I can say is they are being completely cooperative at this particular time. We were able to speak to them at great length, both the dad and the mom,” said Massey.Authorities say there were other people at DiPietro’s home on Violette Avenue the night Ayla went missing.They have all been interviewed too.” We’re not focusing on one particular area. Everything is on the table and we’re evaluating all the information and evidence we’ve received,” said Massey.Ashley Church of Norridgewock heard about Ayla on Facebook and joined the search party.” I have two little children and if it was my child I’d be out night and day, 24/7 until I found her. I couldn’t just sit there and wait,” said search volunteer, Ashley Church.A thought echoed by another search volunteer.” I couldn’t sit at home and just not try to help. It’s scary, it makes me want to go home and kiss and hug my babies,” said search volunteer, Amanda Doody.Police believe there is someone that knows of Ayla’s whereabouts and they send out this plea.” We need your help. I think time is of the essence. We’d like to get her back home and so if anyone has any information whatsoever, please call the police department,” said Massey.Anyone with information is asked to call Waterville Police at 680-4700.