Commemorative UMaine Ornament Helps Student Charity 

A keepsake Christmas ornament for UMaine fans is now up for grabs and helping support a student charity. The University Bookstore is selling the commemorative ornament. This is the 9th in the collection, each of which depicts a university landmark or symbol. This year’s design is modeled after Stevens Hall, the oldest building on campus. Money made off the ornament sales goes to a different student charity each year. Circle K International, a college service organization that’s part of Kiwanis, will benefit from the 2011 ornament.Colleen Gagnon, bookstore supervisor, says, “Total we have give out from the bookstore $30,000 to these different organizations. And they are very grateful and it’s a great, great cause.”The ornaments are $18.95 and the bookstore’s the only place you’ll find them. If you can’t make it into the store, you can order them on-line at