Brewer Girls Hand Out Hot Cocoa For A Good Cause 

It’s a winter time drink that’s packing an extra punch this holiday season.Last year, these girls started this hot cocoa stand to raise money for a young friend with cystic fibrosis.The girls are back at this holiday season, but have added another cause to their hot cocoa campaign.Jessica Sargent’s Step-Father’s cancer recently came back, “Cancer has effected our lives and other people’s lives a lot so we think it’s really important to try and help find a cure for such a terrible disease.”Jessica’s Step-Father, Mike Openshaw, says it warms his heart every night the girls are handing out cocoa, “They definitely understand besides my mother and I, theres been family members and friends, I mean cancer touches all of us.”It may just be a few dollars, but to one young man who stopped by the hot cocoa stand, those donations make a difference.Anthony Cote suffers from cystic fibrosis, but seeing these girls handing out cup after cup of hot coco gives him hope, “It’s good to see such a young group of kids doing this and wanting to help out and like I always say, paying it forward.”So as your driving around checking out the holiday decorations, slow down and take a sip because as Jessica can attest to, “I tasted it and its really good.”