Bangor Police Department Losing Mental Health Liaison Due to State Budget Cuts 

The Bangor Police Department is losing a vital member of its staff.Dave Tremble has been the department’s mental health liaison for more than a decade. He rides with officers every day, and is able to help in a mental health crisis. Tremble’s position is employed by the state, but recent budget changes will affect Tremble’s insurance, forcing him to leave the position. Bangor Police Chief Ron Gastia says the position won’t be filled and it’s going to put a strain on his officers. “We’ve trained some officers in crisis intervention but we don’t have a conduit without a liaison to make the contacts that are necessary to call the agencies, to call the institutions, find out what the background is, find out if they have a case worker,” says Gastia.Gastia says Tremble would love to continue his position. He is currently looking for grants to help or another agency to to sponsor him.