Seniors Donate Handmade Gifts to Manna Ministries 

In a season sometimes consumed by material things like the hot new toy of the must-have electronics, there are lots of people who just want necessities. Residents at the Country Villa Retirement Inn in Bangor are making Christmas a little warmer with some homemade gifts.If you’re supposed to slow down as you age, these folks sure didn’t get the memo.” We play Bingo, quarter Bingo and dime Bingo this afternoon,” said Walter Norris, a resident at The Country Villa Retirement Inn. In between games, they put their hands to work.” Everybody can learn to do it . It’s easy,” said Bea Carter, a resident of the Inn. ” It makes you feel good. Very good,” added Kay Fleming, another resident. Knit one, pearl one, the pattern doesn’t matter. ” There’s quite a few young ladies around and I guess we decided to try to do something, ya know, for the kids,” said Fleming. Since September these ladies have been knitting items to donate to those in need.” People always need mittens and scarves and it’s fun to do,” said Carter with a smile. ” I’ve always helped my family because there’s always people that need help.”The gifts will go to kids and adults getting help from Manna Ministries. ” These folks are such a blessing, the spirit here is so wonderful,” said Larry Cheever, outreach coordinator for Manna Ministries. The project helps in other ways too. ” A lot of the arthritis is in their hands,” pointed out Paula Goudreau, owner of The Country Villa Retirement Inn. Not only does each hat or scarf help a person in need, it helps these women get rid of some pain.” It’s good for your hands,” said Carter. ” Every step they take toward a better health really warms our heart here. It’s really what we’re all about,” said Goudreau. As for the guys, some of them leave it to the women. ” I just watched how the ladies knit the scarves and afghan,” said Walter Norris, a resident at the Inn. Others, like Pete, get a little more involved. ” He does anything to sit beside his Ginny so he’ll hold the yarn while she does the knitting and it’s really precious,” explained Goudreau with a smile. It’s all part of the spirit of the season. ” I hope it helps people,” said Carter. Making Christmas a little warmer, one stitch at a time.The items were donated to Manna Ministries on Thursday. We’re told the ladies plan to do this again next year and they might even get started knitting in January. For more information on The Country Villa Retirement Inn, click here. For more information on Manna Ministries, click here.