Governor LePage Says ” We are Spending More than we Have” at Thursday’s Press Conference 

We’re spending more than we have, so we have to make cuts.That’s what Governor LePage had to say at a press conference Thursday afternoon.He says he doesn’t take pride in the cuts to MaineCare that he’s proposed but says it’s what needs to be done.The governor says a decision needs to be made by the end of January so the supplemental budget can take hold by April.He says if a decision isn’t made by then, the budget hole gets deeper by a half-million dollars every day.”What I’m asking the legislature is simply this. We found a way to protect 280,000 people in the system. You need to find a way to help us save the rest of them because I can only do it with money,” said Governor LePage.”I think what we need to do is get the true accounting of the shortfall. Right now we know there are a lot of one time costs in the shortfall that are not structural at all. They are one time costs that should be treated as one time problems. So we need to get a better understanding and more information from the department,” said Lead Democrat for the Health and Human Services Committee, Mark Eves.The hearings are expected to continue through the week. If passed, changes to MaineCare could take effect as soon as April.