First 100% Electric Car Coming to Maine 

A 100% electric car is coming to Maine. The Nissan Leaf arrived for a demonstration at Darling’s Nissan in Bangor on Thursday. It has a 100 mile range and doesn’t require any gas. You just have to charge it.”Initially all the charging will be done by the owners themselves. We actually package a level 2 charger with the car when you buy it, so the idea is you’ll drive it during the day, you come home at night, plug in, and recharge. Down the road 4 to 5 years, and this is already rampant on the west coast, there’ll be level 3 chargers at all the rest areas, convenience stores. You would go into a McDonalds, you’d get your meal and by the time you come out it, it’d be fully recharged,” described Gary Floyd, District Operations Manager at Nissan.The Leaf costs around $35,000.It’s already being sold in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and all over the west coast. Beginining in March of next year, it will be sold here in Maine.Meantime, those interested in taking the Leaf for a test drive can visit Darling’s Nissan on Sylvan Road in Bangor.