Day Two of Raymond Bellavance Junior Trial 

The trial of a man accused of burning down a topless coffee shop in Vassalboro in 2009 continued in Augusta Thursday.Prosecutors say 50-year-old Raymond Bellavance Junior set fire to the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop because he was mad his former girlfriend was working there.Thursday, a forensic DNA analyst took the stand.She testified she received six samples from the gas can found at the scene and was unable to find a DNA match. She said someone wearing gloves could prevent their DNA from being found.The owner of the coffee shop, Donald Crabtree, also testified. Crabtree said he was having a relationship with a waitress, who also had dated Bellavance.He told jurors Bellavance came to the shop and asked him to fire his ex-girlfriend or he would shut the place down.The defense was quick to point out Bellavance never said he would “burn” the place down, just shut it down.The trial will resume on Monday, other employees from the coffee shop are expected to take the stand.