Information From Local Experts on Keeping Christmas Trees Safe 

Christmas trees can be beautiful, but they can also be dangerous.There are some experts who say protecting your home really comes down to common sense.Some might lead you to believe that a Christmas tree in your home is a fire waiting to happen. According to Jake Johnson of the Bangor Fire Department, Christmas tree fires are actually quite rare.”These days, we really don’t see that many and I think the percentage is something like 12% of all fires are caused by Christmas trees,” says Johnson.Dan Sprague of Sprague’s Nursery in Bangor has been selling Christmas trees for most of his life. He says a tree isn’t going to burn itself.”A Christmas tree on its own will not spontaneously combust. I mean, it’s got to have a flame source,” says Sprague.The fire department does respond to a high number of calls around the holidays, but those are for a number of reasons.”There’s a lot of other causes. People are doing a lot of cooking, they’re inside, they’re getting ready for the holidays, people are heating, we’re starting to get the cold weather finally and so people are running the wood stoves and pellet stoves and furnaces a lot more and candles,” says Johnson.Of course, there are some important tips that those with Christmas trees in their home should know.”If there’s one thing I tell people, it’s bring the tree home, cut a half inch off the base, and then keep it well-watered from there on in,” says Johnson.”If you’re not going to put it up right away, put it in the garage where it’s cooler, out of the sun. You might stick it in a bucket of water, it wouldn’t hurt and when you do put it in to a house, don’t put it near a direct heat source,” says Sprague.These experts say when it comes to caring for your tree, most of it is common sense. Picking out the perfect tree might be the hard part.