Christmas Comes Early For Local Students 

Buying the gifts is only half the battle, as there’s still that to-do list that always follows the Christmas list.”We are wrapping all day long,” said Anna Assenmacher, a student at the University of Maine.For a few hours, Assenmacher helped transform a classroom into a makeshift workshop.”We have about 140, 150 toys.”The cutting, taping and folding was kept on a schedule in order to make a deadline less than 24 hours away.”We’re just wrapping, writing names and calling it good.”Tuesday morning, these gifts will be heading to the Downeast Elementary School in Bangor.”A lot of people can’t afford toys in this economy so we just really wanted to help out and this place really needed them,” said Assenmacher.Assenmacher is apart of a service group within the Maine Business School that managed to collect all this last week. “If people didn’t donate toys they could give money.”It added up to a lot of toys and a lot of wrapping paper.”I can just imagine the looks on their faces.”But most importantly, a lot of kids whose Christmas they’ve made a little brighter.