Excitement Spreads As Black Bears Get Ready For Weekend Game 

UMaine Defensive Tackle Raibonne Charles had big dreams at the start of this season, “In pre-season, one time the Defensive Coordinator Coach, said close your eyes and envision where you want to be and it was us going into the playoffs with first round bye and now, we’re here.”Here is the quarter finals of the NCAA national tournament.After beating Appalachian State last weekend, the Black Bears are set to battle it out with the Georgia Southern Eagles.Coach Cosgrove knows the team needs to step it up this week, “We have to play even better than we did last week.”And on that front, Raibonne Charles agrees with Coach Cosgrove, “You know, they’re a real good football team, it’s going to take a lot of discipline a high level of effort, tenacity, to beat this team.”Georgia Southern may have a good football team, but at Wednesday’s pep rally, it looked like the Black Bears have better fans.Kara Capossela is one of those fans, “It’s exciting, I’m so happy for them and just like the guys are so pumped up and excited to play.”With a 9-3 record, the Black Bears have seen their ups and downs this season, but credit the loyal fans with their continued success on the field.Raibonne Charles is looking for a win, not so much for the team, but the whole state, “You know, I’m just glad people are behind us because that’s what we need because were really playing for them. You know we play for the state of Maine and the school, so this game all wins have been for Maine.”With the Black Bear spirit alive and well in Orono, this UMaine team hopes to carry that energy on to the field with them come Saturday.The game is scheduled to kick off Saturday at 2 PM in Statesboro, Georgia.You can watch it on ESPN 3.