Bangor City Councilors Vote Unanimously to Move Forward with Waterfront Concerts Agreement 

The Waterfront Concerts are staying in Bangor for the 2012 season.Bangor City Councilors held a special meeting Wednesday night to go over the agreement, after delaying the deal last month.Councilors voted unanimously to move forward with the concerts.Council chambers were full with residents, many who voiced their support of the concerts.A common concern that was echoed is the noise factor, which is something both Waterfront Concerts President Alex Gray and city councilors are aware of and trying to find a solution.Councilors say now, Gray can begin booking.”We’re always happy when there’s progress moving forward. Sometimes the process does take some extra discussion but it’s worth it. Regardless of what it took to get here, I’m very happy with the result,” said Bangor City Council Chairman, Cary Weston.”Time is of the essence in our industry. If the city wants to realize their master plan, their best method is going to be the furthering of these concerts because if you want to sell those spaces down on the waterfront you need development. You need a reason for people to come to town and consume the product,” said Waterfront Concerts President, Alex Gray.Gray says the delay has already cost Bangor a big name act.He says promoters for James Taylor decided to book a performance at the Cumberland County Civic Center, instead, because of concerns over getting the contract approved in Bangor.