Federal Judge Delays Decision in Occupy Augusta Case 

A federal judge said Monday she’ll take up to 48 hours to decide whether Occupy Augusta protestors can remain in Capitol Park without a permit.Last week, protestors agreed not expand their campsite near the state house and police agreed not to evict them.Occupy Augusta is seeking an injunction to stop police from forcing them out.”The parties want to have this resolved, at least for the moment, as soon as possible so the Occupy Augusta people can figure out where they’re going to go next,” said Deputy Attorney General, Paul Stern.The judge wants to give Occupy Augusta’s attorney, Lynne Williams, time to review the state’s argument that forbidding overnight camping in parks is a long-standing practice.”I’m not so sure that it’s a valid argument to say that just because you’ve been doing something for a long time with no law that mandates it is a valid regulation,” said Williams.Williams has until ten o’clock Tuesday morning to review the cases the state cited in their argument.