Portion of Bennoch Road in Alton Closed for Nearly Two Hours Sunday Following an Accident 

A portion of the Bennoch Road in Alton was closed for nearly two hours Sunday night, following an accident.Officials say when they arrived on scene the vehicle was up against trees, with two people trapped inside. They say one was partially underneath the vehicle.Authorities say the driver, 30-year-old Paul Davison of Greenbush got too far over in the shoulder and over-corrected, landing in trees. Heather Watson, 34, of Old Town was a passenger in the vehicle.Officials say Davison and Watson were conscious and talking throughout it all.They did have LifeFlight on scene in case they were needed.They both had to be extricated from the vehicle and were transported by ambulance to a local hospital.” It was quite tricky the way they were sitting. One of them was leaned right up against the roof, we had to cut off the roof so we had to be very careful not to cut anyone because both were pretty close to the front of the vehicle where we had to work on it,” said Alton Deputy Fire Chief, Jim Feero.Old Town and Orono also responded.The accident remains under investigation.