Geaghan Brother’s Brewing Company Launch Party 

It’s bottoms up at Geaghan’s Pub in Bangor.Saturday was their launch party for the Geaghan Brother’s Brewing Company.They say they’ve been working on the project for more than a year.They also say it hasn’t been an easy task. For folks thinking about getting into it, make sure you have time, talent and money.They say they are happy with the brews they have created.” Craft beer brings a culture that is a little bit different then the American domestic beers bring. It’s not about sitting down and drinking a six pack, it’s about having an experience and enjoying it,” said Front Store Manager, Andrew Geaghan.They currently have four beers on draft. A wheat ale, pale ale, a Bangor brown ale and a seasonal runner they are calling the Penobscot Ice Breaker which they say has molasses and pumpkin in it.