Winning Draft Beer Awarded in Bangor 

Beer drinkers gathered at Nocturnem draft haus in downtown Bangor Thursday night.It was the release of the winning draft in the first Maine Home Brewers Competition.There were more than seventy entries.First prize went to Nate Engelberth’s rye i.p.a., which was bottled by Penobscot Bay Brewery in Winterport.The competition was created by the owners of the Central Street Farmhouse, Bangor Wine and Cheese, as well as the owner of Nocturnem draft haus, Gene Beck. He says specialty beers and brewing has big following in the Bangor community. “The community here has been very receptive to what we’re doing, what we are trying to do and what we are trying to get across,” Said Beck. “Along with some of the other businesses in town. It’s been a really good run.”The winning brew is being sold at Nocturnem and Bangor Wine and Cheese.