Robinson Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Hudson Man 

A Bradford man accused of killing a man from Hudson pleaded not guilty to the charge.Authorities say Peter Robinson, 48, murdered David Trask,71.Trask was found dead in Bradford in November near Robinson’s house. Court documents say Trask died of blunt head injuries.Police found what they call a “pinch bar” near Trask’s body.Authorities said the two men knew each other, and believe a land dispute led to the fight.A judge is trying to determine if there is probable cause to charge Robinson with murder or manslaughter.”In murder cases, defendants are customarily held without bail, however it is possible under certain circumstances for the court to set a bail in this case. Even if the court sets bail the state is going to be asking that it be significant bail,” said Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson.”The anomaly here is that there’s a self defense justification woven into the facts inextricably so that the judge really looks at the facts whether it was justified and if so whether that negates any kind of serious intent,” said Defense Attorney Thomas Hallett.No bail has been set. He remains in jail.